What are the competitive exams for making your way to United States of America and How to prosper as Physical Therapist in United States of America?

The Inspiring desk incredible journey is near to the end as it's the second last episode aired on, with honourable guest Dr Jawad Karam  (PT) .Our today's guest has phenomenally did justice with our motto " Listen to get Inspire" . He gave a good food of thought to all the students by raising a question "How Physical Therapy relates to you?” Did you ever ponder on finding the true meaning and role of Physical Therapy in Health care profession? He said nobody wants to know what Physical Therapy is. We all mix it with other health care Professions. He said; I was aware of Physical Therapy. Since the beginning; when I chose it as a profession and Career in my life. Dr Jawad Karam is a specialized Physical Therapist, completed his graduation from Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences at Khyber Medical University, Peshawar .He did an intensive 12 to 18 months post- graduate training program in Osteopractic Physical Therapy from American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. He followed up a fellowship period in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy from American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. He is certified in Spinal Manipulative Therapy, Dry needling with diverse experience in treating Neuro and Musculoskeletal Patients with different complications. He is recognized as top 1 % of Physical Therapist currently practicing in USA with his remarkable experience and extraordinary clinical skills. Now, currently he is in America polishing and upgrading his skills as competent and passionate Clinical Physical Therapist.  He said that ‘’I was always determined to become the best clinical Physical Therapist utilizing the crux of my five years graduation .To serve the health community with valuable and useful services of Physical Therapy  . He quoted ‘’Physical Therapy is pure Clinical degree and all students should aim to have their bright future as Clinician’’ .One should study hard ,learn better and become the entrepreneur means that ,you should be your own boss with your skills and expertise in your Profession .In Physical Therapy you have the opportunity to grow your own start-up of Health care services offering rehabilitation and pain management services .Do not forget ,what is your domain ,always stick to your role as Physical Therapist in health sector . Our guest "Dr Jawad Karam (PT) " then mentioned about Physical Therapy Degree in USA that here it's a Terminal Degree you get after studying 16 years education. It’s such that; you are eligible to join Physical Therapy School in USA after 16 year’s education. Now, if you aim to come to USA as Physical Therapist and wants to work in here in its work set up .He emphasized on the opportunities for Physical Therapists as Clinician in USA are there that helps you to become an independent Clinical Physical Therapist. However, it’s important to know, there is a difference in credit hours of Pakistan Physical Therapy Degree and USA Physical Therapy Degree. Now, to cover that gap of credit hours, you can complete Master education in Physical Therapy or you can get Doctor of Physical Therapy Clinical Education Degree (DCE degree). After narrating the basic requirements for visiting USA as Physical Therapist then he explained step by step How to follow the process in ordered way? Dr Jawad Karam (PT) quoted that your first step after completing your graduation in Physical Therapy will to apply for credential evaluation that includes your transcript assessment, Visa Screen, Labour Certificate, TOEFL Exam .All these evaluations come under the label of type 1 credential evaluation. After it you have another credential evaluation as well that is type 2 credential evaluation that will look into other requirements of eligibility that I discussed before such as Graduation Rating Exam Score (GRE), and other basics. Afterwards, he shed light upon the Licensing Examination of Physical Therapy in USA .They are of two types: one is entitled as ‘’National Physical Therapy Exam’’ and other is ‘’A compact license Exam’’. He said that to give any of Licensing Exam, it’s important for you to be in USA, and then you can apply for Exam. Then in question answers session students asked how it would be possible in multiple ways to visit United States of America. He clarified, you can do so by coming to USA through Visit Visa and give your exam .Another way is you can ask someone to employee you then you can come to USA on immigration and give your Licensing Exam. The students asked about brief detail of ‘’A Compact license Exam’’ .He answered it's an Exam which is applicable on 22 states of USA.If you clear this exam then among those 22 states, you are eligible to work in any of the State. One of the listener asked about academic scope of Physical Therapy in USA .He said that in USA there is very less or equal to none scope of academic career or it's hard to build it over there because there professors are professors .They don't get retired at some specific age of life .So ,it's hard for new people to start an academic career .He guided the students that take my golden advice to prosper as Physical Therapist you should know " Best clinical skills of Rehabilitation and pain management" There are different useful sources of information that can help you out to learn the best .Dr Jawad Karam ended the session with this meaningful message that " If there is standard for you then you will be the best Physical Therapist than any physical therapist around the world .