Future of Physical Therapy in Pakistan: in-between the odds and crisis.

The Inspiring desk has followed a tradition of celebrating 75 years of Independence; together with its team ,audience and Honorable guest : "Dr Iftikhar Shahzad (PT)" in the "Independence Day "special episode .On "14th August" ,as the entire nation celebrates the independence day with full zeal and joy in remembrance of our great leaders and Martyrs .So ,did on 14th august,2022 not only motto "Listen to get inspire " was cherished but our guest honored us by  sharing his thoughts on colors of celebrations around the country .Our prestigious guest "Dr Iftikhar Shahzad (PT) completed his graduation as Physical Therapist from Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center(JPMC) in 2001 then he completed his Master's education from Liaquat National University of Karachi in 2006 .He continued his servings in the sector of Health care Profession by joining Helping Hand Center in Mansehra .He mentioned that to excel more in his Profession of study, he went to United States for gaining more experience as clinician and young aspirant of Physical Therapy. Now, “Dr Iftikhar Shahzad " is Head of Physical Therapy Department at Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar .The inspiring introduction was a strong hope for Physical Therapy students that they have opt the right Profession for themselves. He rest assured them by quoting that "Physical Therapy has a beautiful journey of struggles and now is the most important wing of Rehabilitative treatment " .He added ,we are important part of Multidisciplinary team in Health care Profession serving to best of our knowledge ,expertise and experience .He shed light upon the way forward for Physical Therapy future in Pakistan .He said despite so many odds and crisis still our future is bright and World is open for Physical Therapists to change dynamics of Health Quality . He stated that primary steps to be taken are Institutionalization and Authority Regulation for strengthening the foundation of Physical Therapy. He said; In Ministry of Health there should be a Physical Therapy Directorate that works for service structure, policy making, job creation and uplifting of Physical Therapy Profession. In this regard ,an Authoritative and Regulatory body will play a significant role for making our demands fulfilled .In the interactive question /answers session with students he also briefly explained the house job structure in Lady Reading Hospital. The total number of House officers and their duty wards .How? they are trained with active learning methodology by arranging Pre training and Post training quiz .In the end ,the objective evaluation of their knowledge and practice that enables them to overcome their shortcomings .Also, a tailored method of supervisors assessment is followed as well to ensure that the house officers acquire the best skills as clinicians .Our special Guest "Dr Iftikhar Shahzad (PT) concluded that Physical Therapy has outshined since its inception and had grown amazingly in past 10 years .Today ,our students are able to practice their theoretical knowledge of 5 years through House-job. Thus ,able to maximize their working potential as clinician with unique body of Knowledge, right to Autonomy and Evidence based  practice .Therefore ,students of Physical Therapy should believe in making their future by struggling at entry level of their education then availing all the opportunities to grow and prosper as successful Health care Professionals.